The Inner Teacher

He [Krishna] does not simply appear in the jiva, but as the guru, in the form of caittya, the indwelling guidance; Krishna as the siksha-guru appears in the true form of mahantas, noble devotees. CC 1.1.29

I encourage practitioners of the way of natural devotion to follow their inner guidance. This is difficult because we’re taught from childhood to follow our parents, teachers, employers, leaders, gurus, priests, doctors, and politicians because we don’t know what’s best for us and they do. In fact, we may not know what’s best for us because we’ve been brainwashed all our lives and accept the conclusions of others as our own. It’s a rare person who can break away from the herd, think for themselves, and tap into the divine within.

Yet, this is exactly what’s required for it to be natural devotion that is in harmony with our spiritual nature. We must know our higher self and be true to our spiritual nature, which is unique. This requires a degree of spiritual maturity that includes self discipline, independence, a contemplative nature, and firm faith.

One of the benefits of natural devotion is integration of body-mind-spirit into a whole enity with all parts functioning healthily. We begin to see the divine permeating everything and start living the eternal life we want now.

I serve as a spiritual teacher and guide to those who choose to set out on this great quest for an eternal intimate relationship with the divine. I’m available to help when you get stuck. I’ve been on the path a long time through good times and bad. I say with confidence it’s worth the effort.

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