Life Affirming

What does it mean that Universalist Radha-Krishnaism is a life affirming philosophy? It means accepting our embodied state and this world as a God-dess given gift. Since we are children of God-dess, he-she only gives us good things. The glories of nature are the best visible manifestations of God-dess we have. Our body-mind-spirit nature is the most wondrous manifestion of Radha-Krishna–women embodying more Radha and men embodying more Krishna, but both are capable of being androgynous like Chaitanya. The one became two and then became many.

As the Ground of Being, Radha-Krishna pervade everything. There is nothing but Radha-Krishna, and we as their parts share their nature, which is love. The love shared between women and men reflects the love of Radha-Krishna who represent an ideal of pure love that we can strive for in our relationships. This love spreads to neighbors, and we see everyone as a neighbor. We work for peace and justice to heal the wrongs being done to our neighbors.

We also love the earth and all its creatures. We feel called to act as stewards on behalf of God-dess to protect the earth and its resources from wonton exploitation for the profit of a few at the expense of many. I am working to keep Puna from becoming industrialized. I hope you will work in your local community and the wider community to help it be a good place to live for everyone. We’re all in this interconnected world and affected by everything. Working with others of good will, we can make this world a better place for all.

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