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Aloha. Since I finished and published my autobiography, I have plenty of free time. I continue doing photography–including developing a slideshow for the Hilo Photography Club in September. I’m re-reading the Harvard Chaitanya Charitamrita and spending more time meditating on my spiritual identity.

I’m involved with the Puna Pono Alliance to stop geothermal development in lower Puna–a tropical paradise that once had the cleanest air in the world. Corporations want to turn a remote rural populated area into an industrial park with lots of noise and polution. People living near the one existing plant complain of noise and health problems. The county is buying some of them out so they can relocate and create a buffer zone around the plant. The current county council is receptive to the people’s needs and took some positive actions. I testified to them last Monday following presentations by two geothermal developers.

I moved to the Big Island in 2005. I have not left it since, and I have no plans to ever leave. However, my wife still likes to travel. I took her to the airport Friday, and she’ll be home on the 31st, which leaves me with more free time.

I live on one of the most remote islands in the world in a remote part of the island surrounded by jungle. I have the ashram I always wanted and don’t have to see anyone for days. I like to live a balanced life, so I do go out and get involved with the community. As a spiritual teacher and author, I feel a responsibility to keep in touch with the wider world also.

I began a blog called Steve’s Musings in 2003. It’s archives are under the Categories menu above. Although I thought I was done writting after two books, I now feel called to start blogging again on whatever topics the muse inspires. I will make it a practice to post regularly again.

After a little break, I feel refreshed and renewed. I’m entering a new stage of life open to what the future holds. I’ll keep you posted here about what that entails.

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