Radha-Krishna, the Divine Couple (Part 2)

From our human point of view, Radha-Krishna, in their intrinsic form, possess infinite potencies, infinite attributes, and all divine excellences. They constitute the ultimate source of everything, the prime cause of all causes. They possess spiritual bodies, which are beautiful beyond words. They manifest in many places simultaneously, and no qualitative difference exists between these forms and the original form.

They manifest in different forms with countless conceits to experience unlimited pastimes. These expansions of God-dess live in their own spiritual abodes where they engage in eternal pastimes with their devotees. The different religions are based on experiences of various forms God-dess revealed according to time and circumstance. This accounts for the different descriptions of God-dess who manifests in the material world to create and maintain the cosmos and impart spiritual wisdom. They are not subject to material energy. They operate in the realms of consciousness and sometimes manifest on the material plane through highly evolved humans such as Jesus and Chaitanya.

These archetypal forms live in the Cosmic Consciousness and appear in our consciousness to communicate with us. Since we are also parts of Cosmic Consciousness, sometimes they possess a person and appear in human form through that person. His devotees consider Chaitanya the incarnation of Radha-Krishna who appeared in the guise of a devotee to teach the religion of divine love. Sometimes he experienced the mood of a human devotee. At other times, he was completely possessed by God-dess. He manifested the moods of Radha-Krishna as well as other divine manifestations. He was seen and acknowledged as God-dess by learned devotees and scholars in his own lifetime, and this belief continues today among many of his devoted followers all over the world.

The innumerable manifestations of God-dess are all perfect, but they manifest different degrees of perfection based on how many divine qualities they manifest fully or partially and how many we can perceive and relate to. Radha-Krishna remain the source of all manifestations and all divine qualities fully manifest in them.

Radha-Krishna constitute the supreme reality. They are both concrete and expansive. Their infinite nature encircles the whole universe, but that infinitude is centered in concrete form. Their being consists of an all-embracing, organic unity. Their concrete form does not limit or restrict their freedom because the modulations of their being pervade the infinite expanse of existence. They combine breadth of spirit, intense modulations, eternal peace, and calm perfection with dynamic, eternally self-revealing, self-fulfilling creative activity, and quickness of movement with intense harmony and grace. Radha-Krishna awaken these modulations in us, satisfying our longings for love, knowledge, and peace in an integrative synthesis. They awaken freedom, flexibility, harmony, and everything needed for a rich, full spiritual life.

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