Radha-Krishna, the Divine Couple (Part 1)

God-dess’ infinite forms are like parts related to the whole. Since God-dess does not have internal difference, the parts are not like pieces of stone chipped off the whole. The part is the whole, all-knowing, all-pervading being. We call it a part, because the self energy of God-dess does not fully manifest in it. The whole is the whole, because the self energy fully manifests in it. It is like a hologram, or a fractal, which may be cut in pieces, but each piece contains the whole picture, even though they vary in size and quality.

In our progressive aesthetic view which uses the amount of sweet taste as a measure of spiritual rapture, Undifferentiated Oneness is considered the lowest manifestation of divine self energy and Radha-Krishna are the highest manifestation.

We cannot develop a relationship with an Undifferentiated Oneness (or unmanifest spiritual potential) because we are manifest and realize some spiritual potential. Since we are capable of so much more, merging ourselves in an Undifferentiated Oneness would mean cessation of our active potential. Such a state resembles dormancy.

Some even like a stronger concept and talk about “cessation of existence.” To them, existence is the source of suffering.

However, we could not think about nonexistence if we did not exist. All ideas about nonexistence are drawn from existence, and we simply imagine what a nonexistence may look like. Existence forms the underlying basis for understanding ourselves, our potential, and the world around us. Thus existence is a wider concept than nonexistence. Nonexistence (as an opposite concept) cannot really take place because its foundation is existence.

An injured person resting in a deep coma may not be aware of anything, including the self, relatives surrounding the hospital bed, or the beautiful spring day in the park. Although alive, such a person remains deeply unconscious. To the conscious world, that person seems almost dead. “Cessation of existence” resembles this. We witness existence only through consciousness. A serious injury may put a person in a coma, but after awakening, a new life of possibilities and potential lies ahead. Spiritual death is impossible because existence denies it, but philosophically it seems possible to cloud the consciousness and put it into deep slumber.

“Emptiness” and all things spring from fullness. Radha-Krishna are identical with God-dess whose potential is fully realized. Between Radha-Krishna and Undifferentiated Oneness, an infinite hierarchy of partial manifestations exists. Each has a different form due to different combinations of majesty and sweetness manifest in them. Different forms do not imply difference in the identity of God-dess. All forms inhere in God-dess.

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