Spring Has Sprung in the Jungle!

What a long, cloudy, rainy winter it has been. Today, Jahnava and I took the vinyl windows off our yurt until fall. It’s 94 F inside with the ceiling fan going full and 78 outside. The sun is shinning brightly, the birds are singing, the wind blew the vog away and life is about as good as it gets here in this earthly paradise. The ohia trees of Mahananda Kunja are in bloom with their beautiful lehua flowers, and the world looks very festive.

I have the “Divine Nature: Art of Greg Spalenka” calendar above my desk. I turned it to May to be greeted by his “Fountainhead Revisited” portraying the Goddess lying with the mountains in the distance and the river flowing from her breast. Michelle Barnes writes below it, “You are the Fire, You are the mountains, You are the sea, You are the stars, the clouds and the trees.” What lovely and appropriate symbolism.

May we all be blessed by God-dess in whatever season of life we find ourselves in. Aloha.

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