I’m really here

It’s amazing. When someone offers to design something for us, we’re never quite sure what we will get. When I woke up this morning, found this site active, and Zvonimir handed me the keys to it, I was overwhelmed with wonder and joy. It’s like walking into a new home you have never seen and discovering it’s a palace. My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Zvonimir Tosic for his excellent work and friendship.

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    Its a very very nice ini­tia­tive. The web-​layout is amaz​ing. No hitches, its amaz­ing. It’s really good. My con­grat­u­la­tions to Zvon­imir on putting together such a won­der­ful web design. My respects to Steveji. My Best wishes to Uni­ver­sal Radha Krishnaism. Jai Radha-​Krishna! Hail to God-​dess!