Life Among the Punatics

My plans to go to the MLK rally today were disrupted when around one a.m. I was awakened by loud yelling and cursing and a couple of shots. Then there was traffic going up and down my red cinder dead end road in the jungle. Around 5:30, I was awakened by a police officer who said I had to evacuate because my neighbor Paul had barricaded himself in his house again with guns. The SWAT team was there to get him out. The same thing happened two years ago at three a.m., and they let us stay then. This time, he said the sargent wanted me out. My wife was working the night shift.

I went to Kehena Beach, watched the sun rise, and chanted my japa mantras. I went home and talked to the sergeant at 7:30. He said they were still trying to talk Paul out and I had to wait. I went into Pahoa and had breakfast. By then, I was expecting Jahnava home from work; so, I went home again. The road was blocked; so, I talked with my neighbor until a police officer came and opened the road again. I had to wait while the whole army pulled out of my one lane road. There were probably fifty officers with mobile command post, armored vehicle, ambulances, and SUVs. Paul was taken into custody without shooting. Last time this happened, he was back home in a few days.

Paul was friendly when we first moved here, but after getting to know him, I saw he has serious mental problems and began avoiding him. It’s too bad his problems couldn’t be taken care of better by the mental health system. Knowing him, he probably doesn’t want help. The police acted with their usual overwhelming force. A traffic stop usually involves two police cars. They were courteous and professional, and at least, no one was shot.

I got home at nine which is when I was going to leave for the rally. There was a message from Jahnava who knew I was evacuated. She’s still not home and I don’t know how to get in touch with her. I figure I’ve had enough excitement for one day. I’ll stay home, chill, and wait for her. This is a very earthly paradise we live in. Aloha.

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