A New Day!

After the last two presidential elections, I just about gave up hope of ever seeing another free and fair election in this country. Not only do we have a new president and hope for the future, but the people of Hawai’i, The Big Island, passed an initiative making cannabis law enforcement’s lowest priority.

Regarding Obama, the way he dealt with Jeremiah Wright, his former pastor, mentor, and friend, was poor. Jeremiah Wright is one of the greatest preachers in the country. I heard him preach several times and went to his church once. Trinity is the leading congregation in the United Church of Christ. Wright is the one who built up that congregation. He certainly served as an inspiration to me. Still, here we are this morning with a new president elect who is not only a black but a former community organizer. Let us hope we can work together to bring peace to the world, bring decent paying jobs to working people, and restore what this country stands for.

Our government waged a vicious war on cannabis here for thirty years. Yesterday, the voters of this island said enough. Stop the low flying helicopters. Stop the paramilitary style home invasions and abuse of ordinary, peaceful citizens. Stop clogging our jails and courts with persons who use or grow a sacred, medicinal herb that has been used for millennia. There will be challenges to this new law, but a number of other communities passed similar laws that held. A big thanks to Angel Pilago who was instrumental in this effort. He wasn’t elected mayor, but he acted with courage and integrity which is the kind of person he is.

I was impressed by Obama’s speech last night. I know Jeremiah Wright still supports him, and I hope the country will unite behind him to rebuild the nation and the world. We are meant to live in peace and harmony with one another and share the abundance God-dess provides for all.

Peace, love, and aloha to all.

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