Let me introduce myself

I am Subal Das Goswami, disciple of Lalita Prasad Thakur (Babaji) who is the son and disciple of Bhaktivinode Thakur. I carry on their spiritual lineage (siddha pranali) and natural devotional style (raganuga bhakti) in a post-modern way (adhunika-vad). I am an essence seeker (saragrahi) who sees things from a holistic, universalist theological position. Babaji told me to preach in the West. Bhaktivinode saw the transmission of his teachings to the West as an evolutionary spiritual development. He wanted an indigenous Western devotion to Radha and Krishna to develop. That is my mission.

Babaji authorized me to initiate disciples. I offer maha-mantra, diksha and ekadas bhav initiations. I maintain a professional, pastor-teacher relationship with my students. I am married and live a Western lifestyle following the ethical codes of ministry found in the United Church of Christ where I also hold ordained clergy status.

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