Building Bridges?

I just returned from the Hilo, Mayor’s Breakfast Fellowship: Let’s Build Bridges, in conjunction with the National Day of Prayer. I was invited to attend with Roger Christie of the Hawai’i Cannabis Ministry. He said it was the only interfaith event happening. We went and listened to some good talks and some mediocre ones on the subject of building bridges between persons, peoples, faiths, etc., in order to appreciate our differences and similarities so that we can work together for the greater good of all.

As Roger and I were leaving, the Catholic priest, Michael Scully, who gave the invocation, was leaving also. Roger introduced himself and gave the priest his card. The priest knew who he was, laid his card down on a table and had no interest in speaking to him. So much for building bridges.

I hope some of the other speakers were more sincere. The mayor had some good things to say. He talked about starting a Peace Institute here and being a cosmopolitan society. We’ll see. We’d like that too.

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