Radha Krishna eternally

I must point out, that one thing I differ with the Sahajiyas on is not caring about the next life, such as going to Goloka to be with Radha Krishna. I teach that persons can have it all–we can enjoy our life here in the material world and go to the spiritual world. For me, life is sacralized by living in the presence of Radha Krishna. My spirit soul is enlightened and has a loving relationship with Radha Krishna.

Outwardly, I live as a male practitioner and can be as macho as need be. Inwardly, I am a gopi and cultivate my relationship with Radha Krishna and the moods that go with it. This life is like a rehearsal, learning a role. I do my best, but ultimately depend on Radha’s mercy.

Visualization plays a big part in manifesting what I want in this life and the next. As we focus on Radha Krishna in this life, we are sure to be with them in the next. This is my faith.

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