Perhaps I’m a Sahajiya, a follower of the easy, natural way

I’ve been following this discussion with great interest Gaudiya Repercussions -> Vaisnava Sahajiya II

While I have no formal training as a Sahajiya, I seem to have ‘naturally’ become one. For example, being in the present: I haven’t chanted Hare Krishna mentally throughout the day for forty years. I replaced it with Om and a sense of ‘practicing the presence of God.’ I sense the sacred in all things and live a mythological life. Zen and Taoism taught me to be present. Christianity taught me to be incarnated. Sufism taught me to keep my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds.

I have long realized my androgenous sexual nature. My wife and I used the picture of intertwined Radha Krishna on a lotus on our wedding invitation and had it hanging in the reception hall of our church. It’s hung in my home for the last 25 years. We also had a reading from Gita Govinda as part of the wedding performed by a UCC minister. I give a little glimpse of my earlier Sahajiya nature in the first chapter of Saffron, my autobiography in progress found on my website. It describes my wedding night with my first wife 39 years ago when A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami married us.

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