I’m now resuming my ministry in Hawaii

I’m back. After camping out on our land for seven months while building our home, we are now comfortably situated in our thirty foot diameter yurt. We have telephone service, so I am now able to be on the internet at home rather than needing to go to an internet café eight miles away. We don’t have electricity, so I power the laptop and printer off of our vehicles. At night, I work by oil lamp light.

While I still have some finishing work to do here at home, I am now launching my new ministry here in Hawaii. My wife, Geraldine (Jahnava), and I are working on my autobiography, Saffron: An American Siddhartha, which has been twenty years in the making. I will post the manuscript on my website. We’re also planning for me to teach classes at a yet to be determined location. The yurt is set up to host smaller, more intimate meetings along with office space for me to meet with my clients.

I will have a full ministry of spiritual teaching, life coaching, weddings and networking. I am updating my PR materials and website. Check for further updates: www.stevebohlert.com. Aloha.

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