My spiritual perspective

I find that it all comes down to universal love. I am not much of a systematic theologian, but I have written some of my views on my website

I am able to be a vaishnava among vaishnavas, a Christian among Christians, etc. I am basically an eccelectic universalist and don’t get hung up on the fine points of argument. At heart, I am a maidservant of Radha because it is the most beautiful thing I have come across in all my studies. I accept that much was made up over time by poets who embellished the original stories.

I believe we can consciously affect our lives and their outcomes through our desires and visualizations. I have no higher desire than to enter into the pastimes of Radha Krishna in the eternal, spiritual Goloka Vrindaban. In the meantime, I do my spiritual practices which include reading, chanting, being present, felling trees, carrying water, being kind, respectful and loving to all and being good to myself. I have my own unique blend of spiritual understandings and live in harmony with my surroundings. My current location, Hawaii, is a crossroads of East and West and I certainly try to set an example of post-modern, “Westernized” vaishnavism which is certainly non-traditional. I embrace certain Siva shakti, tantric, world affirming ways. I am certainly not one for rules and regulations. I am at peace with myself and life although I still rail against the injustices and struggles.

The dhama, or spiritual abode is a place that certainly exists on the spiritual level, and we can get there by attuning our consciousness to it. Like attracts like. This realm is not limited by time and space and intersects this world at certain places like Vrindaban, India and wherever the devotees are engaged in remembering the pastimes of Radha Krishna. This morning, I was thinking about why I am so attracted to Radha. Why not Siva and Parvati or the Lord and Lady of paganism? Radha is just so sweet, the literature connected with her so well developed and my heart so fully given to her that there is no other way open to me. Braja contains all that is good and desireable in life for me. I can think of no better place to spend eternity. Jai Radhe!

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