Cyber pilgrimage

The internet is just great. I can sit in my study in Grand Rapids and listen to authentic devotional chanting from India, Raganuga Bhakti – Kirtana, read hard to obtain devotional literature Raganuga Bhakti – Literature and tour the holy places of Braja – Articles. I spent three years living in India as a Vaishnava sannyasi touring places of pilgrimage, living in Vrindaban, worshipping at the temples, studying with the older gurus and being absorbed in the spiritual atmosphere of this ancient culture. My heart longs to be there again. For one who is absorbed in devotion to Radha Krishna, there is no better place because it nurtures the devotional spirit. This is where Radha and Krishna engaged in their transcendental pastimes while incarnated here on earth. This is where Sri Chaitanya, Radha and Krishna reincarnated in one body as a devotee five hundred years ago, rediscovered the holy places and instructed his followers to reestablish them. I spent eight years as a disciple of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami seeking out these teachings and esoteric spiritual practices. They were not easily found. I had a number of other teachers as well, foremost of whom was Lalita Prasad Thakur. Now, this is all available on the internet. Follow these links, drink deeply of this spiritual nectar and satisfy your soul.

Jaya Radhe,

Subal Das (Steve)

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