Protecting minority rights

The Press editor is right when he says the legislature did the right thing by not passing a call for a constitutional amendment, but he is wrong in saying that the courts should not get involved in the process of protecting gay rights. A good case for restraint State law defines marriage; no need at this point to go further. Issues of minority rights sometimes need to be decided by the courts rather than by a majority vote on a ballot issue or the votes of legislators wanting to get reelected by the majority of voters. Unfortunately, we cannot depend upon the majority to do the right thing, especially when it comes to a minority which has been vilified by religious, political and media leaders. Democracy is a good thing when the people are educated and well informed about the issues and candidates. When the people are misinformed and mislead by rhetoric, they cannot be expected to make good decisions. This has proven true too many times in recent history. The issue of gay rights is so inflamed, that since failing to pass a marriage amendment to the constitution, the right is now seeking to prevent gays from adopting children. It seems to be a strong case of hatred and scapegoating with one attack after another.

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