It’s a shame

It’s a shame I have to drive to Lansing early tomorrow morning to participate in a press conference and lobby my legislators. It’s a shame Republican legislators are set on imposing their conservative Christian values on all residents of Michigan. It’s a shame they have such a narrow definition of family values that it excludes LGBT couples, some of whom have children. It’s a shame they cannot just love their neighbor regardless of sexual orientation. It’s a shame they do not favor equal rights for all. It’s a shame they do not believe in separation of church and state. It’s a shame we are such a divided people.

Michigan Clergy Come Out Against Anti-Family Amendment to State Constitution

(Lansing) Michigan clergy and people of faith from The Religious Coalition for a Fair Michigan will descend on the State Capitol this Wednesday, February 4, 2004, at 10a.m. to urge legislators to vote against House Joint Resolution U and Senate Joint Resolution E, the so-called “marriage” amendment.

“Instead of amending our State Constitution to expand civil rights for Michigan citizens, this legislation writes discrimination into law,” explains Michael Gibson-Faith of Quaker-based organization, The American Friends Service Committee, which is co-organizing Wednesday’s events. “As spiritual people, clergy, and community leaders, we are committed to working for justice and equality for all Michigan citizens, and strongly oppose consideration of any legislation that would limit the rights and benefits of same-sex couples and families.”

Gibson-Faith admits that the group of spiritual leaders calling itself The Religious Coalition for a Fair Michigan is diverse in its understanding of homosexuality as a moral issue, but are all one in affirming the full rights of all Michigan citizens and families to equal legal protections that secure and strengthen the family.

Wednesday’s events will begin with a press conference in room 428 of the Capitol building in which Coalition members representing Michigan churches and spiritual organizations will explain to the press why Michigan must defeat this cruel, anti-family legislation. After the press conference, Coalition members will fan out to lobby legislators to vote against the proposed Constitutional amendment.

The Religious Coalition for a Fair Michigan represents over 100 Michigan clergy and faith communities. The group includes several Bishops and large churches, as well as many Quakers, Unitarians, and other spiritual communities. While not all members are able to attend Wednesday’s events, the group believes that, if passed, the proposed Constitutional amendment would only serve to heighten an already hostile climate of discrimination and violence against gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender couples and families in Michigan.

May we grow beyond this narrowness,


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