Learning to live with differences

I can’t believe how busy I’ve been lately. I haven’t blogged for three days. As an independent, solo entrepreneur/minister, I have many roles to fulfill and anything that has to be done, I’m usually the one to do it. While I love to write, it seems many other things are demanding my time right now and time seems to just fly by as life unfolds at a rapid pace.

As for my trip to Lansing, eleven clergy including myself spoke at the press conference. About forty other persons were present. Unfortunately, the only press represented was “Between the Lines,” a gay publication. After the conference was over, an NBC TV crew came and interviewed two Episcopal priests and me.

I got to my representative’s office (Kooiman) just as several members of our group were finishing up with him. He wouldn’t come out again to meet with me, so I just left my card and said I was opposed to the amendment. I then went to my senator’s office (Hardiman). He was speaking with an aide, and said he had to go to a meeting but would call me. He did the next day. We had a lengthy conversation. I basically asked him how as a Christian and a black man he could support this constitutional amendment which would restrict the rights of others and oppress an entire class of people. We discussed things from theological, civil rights and separation of church and state points of view. We had to agree to disagree. He is one of the main supporters of this amendment and a real staunch advocate of conservative “family values.” I was pleased that he was at least willing to have a good discussion with me on this divisive subject. I long for the day when such discussions will no longer be necessary because we all learn to accept one another despite our differences.



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