When will we ever learn?

I have been part of the counter cultural movement all my life. For eleven years, I tried to infiltrate mainstream society as a pastor and bring about change from within. I could not adequately hide my agenda and so was rejected by those interested in maintaining the status quo. I am again working as an outsider.

During the Iran-Contra scandal of the 80s that Daddy Bush was behind, I became very happy and excited when the Christic Institute and others began exposing the secret, shadow government and its illegal actions. I foolishly thought that if they impeached Nixon for a mere break-in and cover-up, this will bring down the whole corrupt structure. But no, they got away with it and Bush became president. Therefore, I wonder what it will take to wake people up. I hope our present situation will do it.

I realize we need more than a change of the man at the top. As I have long believed, one is not that much different than the other. Yes, they are all bought by big money. Yet, I cannot help but believe we would be much better off today if Gore were president. I also believe we will be much better off with Kerry as president (he does appear to be the favorite). I would like to see more radical systemic change to stop the oppressive control of wealthy capitalists, but that is not going to happen anytime soon as far as I can see. In the meantime we have to choose the lesser of two evils.

Peace and solidarity,


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