Perfect or imperfect?

With so many terrible things happening all around the world and being bombarded by them constantly through the media, it’s very easy to let them influence us, become depressed and give up hope. Remember though, it’s our choice. We may not be able to immediately change all the things we would like to in this world, but we are able to change the way we respond to them.

There was a period in my life when I was a Hindu when I didn’t watch TV, listen to the radio or even read the paper. I focused on developing a transcendent, spiritual life. Now, I practice a much more incarnational spirituality. I believe I am here to make changes in this world and not just transcend it. I listen to a lot of NPR, watch television, enjoy movies and use the internet avidly. I also am involved as an activist in peace and justice issues. I was the 2003 recipient of the Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights Award for my work in Grand Rapids to promote a living wage.

While recognizing the temporary, illusory nature of the material world, I seriously play the game of life but with a spirit of detachment. I have fun doing whatever I do whether it’s writing a blog, testifying at the capital, going to a rally, eating drinking, watching TV or being with friends. So even though we may need to protest the terrible things of this world and try to bring about change, it can be fun. Even though we live in an imperfect world, it can be perfect for us as we work to make it more perfect. There is a paradox in seeing perfection in imperfection, but life is full of paradoxes and the sooner we can learn to go with the flow, laugh at things (including ourselves) and not take life so seriously, the sooner we’ll have a more perfect life. Perfect or imperfect, life is what you make it.



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