The divine couple

While I admit that we can never totally conceive of God with our conscious minds and that God has both impersonal and personal aspects, is it not possible for God to reveal God’s self to us? What if rather than imposing our personal conceptions on God, God imposed God’s personhood on us, and we are actually created in the image of God?

While I have experienced the bliss of merging with the impersonal aspect of the Godhead, I have also experienced the bliss of engaging in a loving relationship with God in the form of the divine couple Radha Krishna. Even though I have experienced great pain as a result of this relationship (esp. due to the actions of my guru and some of his disciples) and have tried to distance myself from the relationship, there is no getting away because the bond is eternal, blissful and full of the sweetest love I have ever experienced. There is nothing I want more than to live in the service of Radha Krishna eternally.

Radha and Krishna are the divine moiety, the two complementary female and male halves of the androgynous godhead. Yes, it is easier to conceive of God in a personal form since we are persons, but that does not mean that the personal form of God is less than the impersonal. We need to drop our limited concept of person when applying it to God. God is an infinite, unlimited person beyond our imagination.

Peace and love,


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