I embrace a transcendent spiritual dimension that is beyond this material universe as well as permeating it in a different dimension.

I do not disagree that God is an all pervading energy and that in fact all energy is God’s energy. On one level, there is nothing but God. I agree that God is love. I do not think of God in purely masculine terms, but rather androgynous containing both masculine and feminine qualities. For the sake of enjoying the pastimes of love, God divides into masculine and feminine personalities. We are also part and parcel of God created to engage in loving pastimes. While we are predominantly embodied as male or female, we are also really androgynous but our conditioning tries to deny that.

I do not accept a traditional, patriarchal theistic view of God, but rather God is a great mystery that we can never fully comprehend. Therefore, we should not limit what God may or may not be by our limited concepts.



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