Be true to yourself

Ah, to be oneself, to live true to one’s own nature, to fulfill the purpose we are here for, what greater goal can be attained? However, too many are lured from this path by seductions of power, wealth, fame and grandiose illusions. Baubles of material rewards are dangled before us as temptations to renounce our self for another’s vision of who we are. Many give up themselves for far lesser rewards such as security, affection, a pat on the back, a steady pay check.

From the time we are born, our parents and others try to mold us into their image of who we are. Peer pressure, teachers, the educational system, the military, job prospects, getting the right mate–the pressure to conform, to sell out is tremendous. Few are able to resist. Most are not even aware that they have sold themselves out. The veil of illusion is so strong.

It requires knowing one self, having strength of character, ego strength, will power, perseverance, love and grace to avoid the temptation. To live with one’s eyes open, to not conform, to live one’s own life often requires a price to be paid in terms of the rewards of this world, but one gets the greatest treasure, one self. What can be better than being one self fully, living in the light of God, being liberated from illusion? I’ve been on this path my whole life, and if you’re ready to walk it also, I can help you find the way. Let me know. I’m here for you.

Peace and joy in this new year,


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