Religion and politics revisited

As I was discussing in my blog Tuesday, there is a call for liberal churches to engage in the political arena. This is reflected in an excellent article News | God is not a right-wing zealot that I came across today. It would be good to see the mainstream get off its duff, get organized and do something. Enough letting the right dominate religious discourse.

I must say I find Dean’s leaving the Episcopal Church over a dispute about a bike path to be a bit petty. Now Lieberman is one Democratic candidate who is up front about his religion. I read recently that Lieberman is the candidate for people who want to vote for Bush but don’t think he’s Jewish enough. I saw him on the news last night. He said he was a Dylan fan and was active in the civil rights movement of the 60s. Where did he go wrong?

What about the Texas Democratic congressman who became a Republican because otherwise they wouldn’t give any money for his district? Talk about legislating for the good of the people. I’m so glad partisan bickering has been put aside since W was elected and we are now benefiting from compassionate conservatism. Not! Come on people, it’s time for regime change here in the good old U.S. of A..



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