In a Grand Rapids Press article today, Fareed Zakaria points out some of the difficulties we have gotten ourselves into in Iraq which cannot be solved with a quick fix Money won’t change Iraq, speaker says. As we pour billions of U.S. tax dollars that we don’t have yet but which will be paid for by our kids, we continue to see school cutbacks as well as government cutbacks of essential services for the well being of our citizens by federal, state and local governments. Zakaria is right. More democracy does not mean more freedom. We can see that in this country as we lose long cherished freedoms and watch our economy and way of life crumble regardless of what they call a jobless recovery. At least the jobless part is right. If we’re going to continue to elect lying, destructive leaders like W and gang, perhaps we don’t deserve democracy. Democracy is supposed to be based on an educated electorate which can understand the issues and discern the nature of the persons running for office. I don’t believe that is true of a large number of Americans, especially when they are fed the party line by the corporate media. Wake up people! We need regime change.



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