There is an aspect of God that is formless, attribute less, indescribable and like the light of the sun—this all pervading white light is eternal consciousness. The Vedic literature calls it Brahman.

Some yogis aspire to merge with it and become one with God. They liken it to a drop of water merging with the ocean and becoming one with the ocean. They seek to loose their individuality and enter that realm of undifferentiated oneness. This is very difficult for the embodied soul to do. Some are successful in attaining liberation this way however. They escape from the cycle of repeated birth and death entering into this state of pure consciousness.

However, the soul is eternally individual and desires a variegated existence in relationship to other individuals engaging in diverse, blissful pastimes. Therefore, they return to the material world just as the sun evaporates drops of water from the ocean and it falls back to the ground as rain.

Om shanti,


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