Spiritual evolution

We are part and parcel of God, one in quality, different in quantity. Due to our infinitesimal size, when we take birth in the material world, we come under the spell of maya or illusion. Our remembrance of our spiritual nature is covered over and forgotten. We develop a false ego in which we identify with our body and conditioned mind, our family, society, nation, possessions and so on.

Actually, the soul does not necessarily have a human body in all of its incarnations. If we go back to the beginning, there were no humans here. Souls inhabited single cell organisms, fish, amphibians, birds, reptiles, mammals and other life forms as they developed through the evolutionary process over millennia until human life evolved.

Evolution has to do not only with physical evolution, but also spiritual, conscious evolution. Humans have a more highly developed consciousness than the plants and animals. We have more opportunity to exercise free will and to realize our spiritual nature.

There is a process known as transmigration of the soul. The soul transmigrates from one body to another until it evolves to the human form. If the soul misuses the freedom of human life seriously enough, it can go back down to a lower life form. Otherwise, we may remain in the human form for many lifetimes until we attain full enlightenment and go back to Godhead.

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