Follow King’s example

Martin Luther King, Jr. was certainly a great man who did a lot for this country and the world. We are so much better off because he lived and stuck to his principles even at the cost of his life. While he is known primarily for his work in the civil rights movement, he was also deeply passionate about peace and economic justice.

Blacks are certainly better off today in the U.S. as a result of his work, but there is still much more work to be done. Far too many blacks are poor, unemployed, in prison, in broken families and segregated. Peace is far from a reality as we engage in what appears to be a never ending war which is draining our economy and costing the lives of way too many persons. Meanwhile, the middle class is being gutted in an on-going drive to provide cheap labor for multi-national corporations so that the rich can get richer. I told my wife recently that this is like living through WWII and the depression at the same time. The lives of millions of Americans is not better than it was in the previous century. In fact, it is going down hill quickly.

Rather than just honoring Dr. King today, resolve to follow in his footsteps and make this world a better place not just for yourself but for everyone. As King said, we all have to learn to live together on this earth. To do this, we need to follow a different paradigm such as King taught. Real change must come from us as we change our lives, and then we must bring about a regime change in this country this year.



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