The Greatest Gift

Look. It’s like this. In the beginning, God created the whole universe. I believe it was done through a big bang and that bang was the word of God. The universe expanded, galaxies, stars, planets, life, consciousness, etc. all formed in course of time and evolution played a natural role in this development as did the laws of nature. Yet what was there before the bang? There was God, the Ground of All Being, Source of all life and love. So this whole creation is God’s energy and God’s consciousness pervades the whole thing, on every level and is accessible to us.

We are part and parcel of God. God is infinite. We are infinitesimal. We are all connected to everything including God. However, we have free will and often choose to forget about God and screw things up. This has been going on for a long, long time and has become a very bad habit. As long as we think we can profit at the expense of others, this will continue. We need to realize my happiness is dependent on your happiness. Just imagine how happy we’d all be if everyone were happy and had everything they needed to live happy, holy, whole, content, meaningful lives. What a wonderful place this would be. It would be heaven on earth.

Every once in a while, but more often than you may think, guys (and gals) like Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, etc. who are more open to the God energy working through them show up and say, “Come on people. Wake up. Realize why you’re really here, who you are and what you’re supposed to be doing. Let’s get it together and love one another right now.” Usually, they’re ignored, co-opted and their teachings distorted by their followers. The thing is we’re all supposed to be like them, not blind followers. The greatest gift you can give this season is to let the light of God shine through you for the good of all. May God so bless you.

Peace and love,


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