Love is the answer

The eternal religion is loving devotional service to God. It doesn’t matter what path you follow. The goal is the same. God is unlimited and therefore there are unlimited ways to attain this goal. Chanting God’s holy names is one way. God has unlimited names and God’s name is the same as God. Constantly living in the presence of God consciously is another way. Loving God and God’s creation is still another. Serving God and creation is part of it too.

God is loving and giving, and when we are loving and giving, we are like God, in union with God, enlightened and liberated. Is there any higher goal? Isn’t this the essence? Everything else is superficial, superfluous, an impediment. When we are loving and giving, we are acting as liberated spiritual beings. When everyone acts in this way, it is heaven on earth.

Let love and peace and giving of oneself come to all this Christmas that we may experience heaven on earth.


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