My son is living in Missoula, MT with his girlfriend. They moved there after he got back from spending seven months in Egypt with the Army National Guard which prevented him from going back to college last year. Now they have to wait until next summer to back to school so that they can establish residency and be able to afford tuition. Remember, they promote the Guard as a means of financing your college education.

My nephew is a H.S. senior who ranks second in his class. He is considering a couple of out of state private colleges which would cost $30,000/year for tuition, room and board. If he can’t get a good scholarship, he’ll have to go to a local state university on Long Island which will cost about $18,000.

I keep hearing on the news about the sky rocketing cost of higher education and the cut backs at universities due to budget short falls. Yet we have all the money we want for the military where we out spend the next twenty countries in military spending.

While in Italy, I spent time with my wife’s cousin who recently completed her education as a medical doctor. I asked her if she had accumulated a large debt for her education. She said no. The state paid most of her expenses. Her sister is going to college to be a park ranger and hopes to work in Africa. Their father is a factory worker and they live on a small farm that he runs to grow produce and meat for the family. Their standard of living is quite good. Free education and opportunity for advancement is available.

What is wrong with this picture? Why is higher education such a burden for Americans? Why don’t we have universal health care? When will we catch up with other developed nations? Why don’t most folks even know they are behind? Wake up people!



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