It’s time for a revolution. However, I’m not talking about a revolution waged with guns. We can see how effective that is in Iraq. Regime change accomplished by force only leads to more conflict. The revolution I’m talking about is a revolution of human consciousness. Perhaps it could be better described as an evolutionary leap. We are operating from an old, old paradigm. We are living in a new world with new potentials. We need to become new persons–self realized, self aware, conscious, enlightened, operating from our spiritual center in concert with the ground of all being, source of all life and love.

We need to make changes in ourselves. We need to raise our children differently and educate them differently so that they can embrace new values that will allow peace, justice and the integrity of creation to thrive. Until we become new persons, we will not experience peace, security, happiness, harmony and so many other desired outcomes. As each of us becomes new persons, the world will change and become new. As we listen to the news and look at what is going on around us we can see that the old paradigm isn’t working. Doesn’t it make sense to try something new?

I have been involved in this process my whole life. I live life as art and I am still in process. It’s not easy. It’s not popular. But it’s the most important thing we can do. I have had helpful guides along the way, and I offer myself as a guide to others who wish to follow this path. I invite you to join me on the journey of a lifetime.



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