Labor Day

Labor Day, USA, 2003, what a joke. What a pity. Millions out of work. Pension plans plundered and decimated. Opportunities for education and a promising careers diminishing. Opportunities to go to prison increasing. Illegal immigrants doing unwanted jobs. Persons with college degrees doing unwanted jobs. Downsizing, merging, watching the bottom line. Global economy, jobs going overseas. Now we have to compete with slave labor in China for jobs. Over 40, an older worker? They’ll look for a way to get rid of you, demote you and not give you a decent job when you go looking. A twenty something can do your job for half the pay. And don’t think about retiring or getting welfare or getting a job you are well suited for. We love our senior citizens when they bag our groceries and serve our burgers.

Workers of the world unite! (blue collar and white collar) Who do you think you’re working for? Do you think they have your interests in mind or are you just another expendable? How long will you keep buying the bill of goods government and big business (one and the same) keep selling you. Wake up! Stand up for your rights before you have none left.

Happy holiday.


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