Erotic Love

Erotic love is one of the best ways to share love between two persons in this world. Done in the right consciousness, it can be a spiritual experience mirroring the love of God/Goddess and devotee. It’s a shame Christianity has done so much to defile erotic love in the minds of so many persons. Yet if we read the Song of Songs or the writings of some of the mystics, we can see that the basis of it is there, but it is as yet very undeveloped. It’s too bad Christianity allowed itself to be hijacked by dualistic, life-denying persons who promote celebacy or if you are married, you should enjoy sex as little as possible. I don’t see Jesus that way. He was very life affirming. He hung out with prostitutes, had many women followers who he treated as equals with his male disciples, and seemed to have a special relationship with Mary Magadalene.

Hinduism seems to have a much more developed theology of spiritual, erotic love. For example, there is the tantric yoga tradition in which various sexual practices are used in a ritualistic way to attain a state of spiritual ecstacy. There is also the well developed devotional love poetry which highlights the love of Radha and Krishna. We are spiritual beings created in God/Goddess’ image. The Radha Krishna devotional sect portrays a very erotically charged spiritual realm where Radha, Krishna and their devotees engage in spiritual, erotic dalliances eternally. That sounds like the kind of place I want do go to. Glimpses of that realm can be seen here as we engage in loving, sexual relations in higher consciousness. Realize your full potential, live life abundantly and love extravagantly. Don’t settle for less than a full life.

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