Abundance is everywhere around us and within us. God has created this world with everything we need to live life abundantly. Our hearts are overflowing with love, kindness, generousity, joy and peace–unless we have hardened them and cut ourselves off from the source of all life and love. The world is overflowing with all the good things we need to live a happy and healthy life–good food, water, clothing and shelter–except for the fact that the distribution system is so screwed up due to some hoarding too much while others have too little.

It’s such a shame that we are spending billions of dollars occupying and fighting people who don’t want us in their countries. What would happen if we just gave them billions of dollars to rebuild their lives and left them alone? Do you think they would still hate us? And with the billions we would have left over, we could rebuild our own country which has also been descimated. Rebuild the health and education systems. Provide jobs for people. Give people hope again. Give people a decent life here and now. Put our money to good use for constructive things rather than oppressing and destroying the world.



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