What a scourge on the earth. Taking people’s spiritual longings and fosilizing them. It’s been said that going to church on Sunday is a good innoculation against a real spiritual experience. The spirit is wild and free yet people want to domesticate it. We’re asked to remember the spiritual experiences someone had long ago and live vicariously through them. What about our own experiences!

We’re so beaten down and taught not to appreciate ourselves and our own experiences–not only spiritual, but also creative, career, political, artistic, musical, etc.. Don’t think for yourself. Listen to the experts. Follow the leader. Do as you’re told. The problem is people are so bombarded by this kind of crap from family, friends, school, boss, media, etc. that they are totally out of touch with who they really are. Therefore we need help climbing out of the muck.

This is the tricky part. It’s very difficult to do anything today without organization. Yet as soon as you organize, you run the risk of organized religion and politics. There will always be persons who are power tripping and want to use the organization for their own benefit. Yet the risk must be taken to try and keep the experience and the teachings fresh for a while at least. It’s like persons are drowning in the ocean of material existence, and we need to organize a major rescue effort to save them. There must be an organized alternative to counteract the din of consumerism, greed, corruption, exploitation, war, poverty, distrust and brainwashing. We need a strong movement to help persons realise their full potential, live life abundantly and love extravagantly. Let us join together.

Peace and solidarity,


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