Up and Running

What a struggle it has been to get my blog page up and running on my website these past two days. Yesterday, it was being able to post and publish and today it was setting up the ability to archive. Both days I called upon the expertise of computer gurus at the Community Media Center where I have had to do all the work on my website until now. Even they had problems and had to try many variations before getting it to work.

When I was seventeen in 1964, I went to Pratt Institute Engineering School on a full scholarship to become a computer engineer. After a couple of weeks, I knew I didn’t want to be an engineer. I had spiritual and artistic aspirations. I dropped out of school after a year and devoted myself to those pursuits, esp. spirituality. I am now a spiritual guide or guru. Just as I called on the computer gurus to help me with my website, so I make myself available to help computer gurus and others find their way through the confusing mess of spiritual and religious teachings that abound. It is much easier and quicker to make progress with the help of a guide.

My practice is to present the teachings from various traditions both ancient and modern in a no nonsense way. I get down to the essence of what works and what doesn’t work from the perspective of a 21st century person.

Please check out my site to find out more about what I have to offer.

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