Well, life is pretty good inspite of its many shortcomings which include birth, death, disease and old age. It’s difficult for the spirit soul to be comfortable in this embodied material state since the soul’s nature is to be eternal, full of knowledge and full of bliss. However, if one developes the right consciousness and attitudes about life, one can make a reasonable accomodation and live a relatively free and happy life.

When I was in my twenties, I followed a very strict ascetic, spiritual path. I got a lot out of it and had a great time doing things that most people couldn’t imagine doing (see my background elsewhere on my website). I now realize that asceticism is not required. Moderation and detachment will suffice. The path I teach basically enables persons to have the best of both worlds.

While I chose not to live the life of a computer engineer that was open to me in college, I’m doing OK materially. I’m happily married, have a grown son who’s doing well, I live in a modest home in Grand Rapids, Michigan, have a nice used car, have a professional office, play music, dance, enjoy good food and drink and most of all find fulfillment doing the work I love, which is helping others grow spiritually.

Meanwhile, in these difficult economic times, persons who have been materially sucessful but now find themselves out of work are often devastated. Marriages break up, persons break down, life is too difficult. This is the fault of the system we live under. Persons are expendable–whether you’re the janitor or an executive.

I’ve had many major transitions in my life. I specialize in helping persons make transitions in their lives whether they are on the way up or the way down. Whatever your situtation in life is, I can help you make it better by getting in touch with your true self and acting in your own best interests. After all, whose life is it anyway? You might as well make it the best it can possibly be.



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