Life involves many activities that we need to do but would prefer not to. For example, I am in the process of tearing up the wall to wall carpeting in my home and restoring the hard wood floors underneath. This is hard on my back and I don’t really enjoy this type of work. Yet what we have done in the living room is a definite improvement.

In the same way, as a life coach and spiritual guide, I help persons tear out the old coverings that may not work for them any more and put a shine on their spirits that they will enjoy for eternity. While I enjoy this work much more than doing my floors, I know that for my clients it may be hard work. Yet the results are well worth it. Where do you want to put your energy? Are you willing to sacrifice now for long term improvement?

Before enlightenment chopping wood and carrying water; after enlightenment chopping wood and carrying water and redoing floors and trimming the lawn and doing dishes and…. The trick is stay centered and see God in everything. Be open to God’s helping hand.

Om shanti,


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