Culture Wars

Here I am in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Recently considered an “All American City”. Now ranked 15th most segregated in the most segregated state. A city that drives out gay pastors who dare come to town with their black at-risk adopted children. A very decent place to live. A city that strives to be one of the “cool” cities that Gov. Granholm wants to attract new high tech businesses to Michigan. A place where the blues is popular and lots of great new restaurants are opening. A very Christian place where we even have a Christian bar named Graces. A center of liberal, Democratic society in the midst of rings of conservative, Republican suburbs. A place that is sick deep inside. A place very much like the rest of the US of A.

A sick place where conservative, Republican and Christian all go together in one mindset. Yet there is a split. A place where progressive, Democrat and Christian also all go together in one mindset. A place where you find traditionals, moderns and cultural creatives, Jews, Moslems, Hindus, atheists, agnostics. Those who are narrow minded and afraid of those who are different. Those who are open minded, embrace different persons, ideas, cultures and work to establish a pluralistic culture of tolerance and love. America caught in the grip of culture wars. The ten commandments in courthouses, gay marriages, gay bishops, right to life, homophobs, pro-choice, neo-cons, fascist imperialists, global citizens, militarists, pacifists all in one nation.

I see the current adminstration gang that’s running this country as the greatest threat America has faced. We need to make changes. We need to follow a path that will not take us back to the Dark Ages. Stop the war, stop the killing, stop the oppression, stop the censorship, stop the lies, stop the materialistic consumerism, stop the racism, stop the homophobia, stop the hatred. Promote life, love, peace, tolerance, sharing, giving. Love. Don’t hate.

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