A Spiritual-Scientific Dialogue

Universalist Radha-Krishnaism: A Spiritual-Scientific Dialogue

by Steve Bohlert

Bohlert takes us along with him as he reads six books. We hear him engaging in a back and forth with the authors. He likes them. They inspire him with their deep probes into the subatomic and their high flights beyond the galaxies to the divine. But perhaps their edifices of reality lack a solid keystone. Bohlert supplies his Universalist Radha-Krishnaism. In a torrent of inspirations he knocks on the portal of the cosmic palace of God and shows us what he sees as the door opens.—Daniel Clark, Spiritual Teacher

Bohlert says, I continue reading and writing about scientific books, especially quantum physics and cosmology. I am pleased to learn that many leading scientists have reached the same conclusions as me and other mystics through the ages. The universe is the conscious creation of a loving, intelligent creator who we may call Cosmic Consciousness, the One, or any number of names, and we are eternal parts of that infinite being here to develop our God-dess like quality of unconditional love.

I write this book to summarize the developing new paradigm that is displacing the empirical, materialistic paradigm based on Newtonian and Darwinian models that led to the fundamentalist religion Scientism and its subsequent global environmental, social, economic, and war crises. Once enough people embrace this new model, we may see important practical changes in cooperative living rather than competition. My goal is to stimulate new ways of being in an easy to understand way by healing the rift between science and spirituality. All the books I write about inspired me, and I recommend them to those seeking a deeper understanding.

To download your free PDF copy of this insightful new book, right click on this link: https://www.radha-krishnaism.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Spiritual-ScientificDialogue.pdf

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