Foreword to A Theological Perspective


In Universalist Radha-Krishnaism: A Theological Perspective, Steve Bohlert offers a rigorous theology to satisfy the needs of many of us, especially Westerners, who are looking for an eclectic perspective that also offers real intellectual rigor.

Why read this book? In the twenty-first century, we are presented with an unprecedented diversity of worldviews and perspectives. You are skeptical of many of the literal, factual claims of the major religions, but you cannot accept the idea that we are purely matter and that there is no spiritual dimension to reality. Maybe you are seeking a spiritual and religious perspective that evenly balances what you know to be the male and female energies that permeate reality, but you know that you cannot live up to all of the demands and restrictions of many Eastern faiths. You may wish to honor the divinities of your ancestors, but need something to explain that which holds all of the different pantheons and faiths together.

Steve Bohlert is in a unique position to address your concerns. He has had graduate school training in theology and has had experiences that are rarely to be found. Additionally, he was officially initiated into the tradition of the famous Hindu saint, Chaitanya, by an authorized representative of that tradition.

In this book, Steve Bohlert offers and explains the idea that, yes, there is a Supreme Being, and that Supreme Being is best conceptualized as a “Divine Couple,” which suggests that the universe—and your very existence—is the product of the inconceivable love between Radha and Krishna, who represent the eternal, all-loving force that created all of us for the sake of a beautiful, loving relationship with all of Creation. His view is non-sectarian, which means that you may combine this divine story of love with the culturally specific customs, beliefs, and traditions that you possess as a result of your unique location in this world.

Steve Bohlert skillfully synthesizes the best of the Chaitanya tradition with modern philosophy to produce a spiritual path that may very well give you the strength and optimism to live a full, happy, and meaningful life. You may live with the confidence that your love for the Supreme is deeply yearned for and desired by your Creators—“God-dess”—the Divine Couple, Radha-Krishna.

Michael Valle, Ph.D.

Philosophy of Religion

Scottsdale, Arizona

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