The Way of Natural Devotion is quite simple and easy. At the same time, it is demanding and rigorous. The practitioner best approaches the path with a highly developed character that includes the traditional values of service to God-dess, country, family, and friends. The practitioner is a person of dignity, restraint, and discernment who follows a lofty code of conduct. The devotee’s character combines the best of three archetypes: warrior, monk, and lover.

Devotees defend the true and beautiful as spiritual warriors. They develop a romantic relationship with Radha-Krishna and love others as their expansions. Devotees value learning in pursuit of truth and lead a self-disciplined life that facilitates development of love for God-dess. Thus they strive to live ideal lives that manifest their love of God-dess by example.

Recognizing the realities of human nature, I refuse to establish an organized religion. Being few in number, practitioners must be self-reliant and self-motivated living fully engaged in the world’s existential ambiguities while realizing they are just passing through. It’s all about balance and restraint.

Devotees have a generous liberal spirit, a frank forthright manner, and nobility of mind.  Each practitioner follows a unique path to actualize their perfect spiritual identity—not unlike a knight on the grail quest. Far from pretentious, devotees conceal themselves from the common person by practicing great reserve in our dealings, since most people cannot grasp what we are about.

We cultivate a broad eclectic perspective through study of varied material and spiritual disciplines. This allows us to engage the world in meaningful ways. We see the world as real, and we are called to make a positive contribution while we are here. Early leaders such as Roy Ramanand, Rupa and Sanatan Goswamis, Bhaktivinode Thakur, and my teacher, Lalita Prasad Thakur were cultured, engaged men in positions of government power. They set standards of devotional life that we aspire to live up to. High character is seen in devotees proper behavior that comes naturally to them through self-discipline and selflessness.

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