David Icke

Hi. After ten years living off grid in the jungle of Hawaii with dial-up as my only internet access at home, I got satellite internet a few months ago and broadened my sources of information.

I found videos by David Icke on YouTube, and I watched many of them. I approach people like him with a skeptical questioning mind. However, I am now convinced he is an inspired, truth speaking prophet who succeeded in connecting the dots showing how the world works and has worked for millennia.

His depiction of the Orwellian state rapidly evolving world wide under the direction of a demonically possessed elite bloodline is truly frightening and strains credibility. Yet, it corresponds to what I learned and experienced, and most importantly to what I intuit to be true. We are all manipulated by a lack of information about what is really going on, while being deluged by disinformation to distract and confuse us. Yet as the demonic agenda obviously advances, more and more people are seeing and questioning.

David asks us to listen to the information he provides and draw our own conclusions–don’t just believe him or anyone, but question and investigate. He recommends we 1. realize who we are as unlimited spiritual beings connected with the divine ground of being, 2. realize the role we play in advancing the dominant control system, and 3. withdraw our support for the new world order and instead work for the good of humanity and planet earth. Here is a link to his site: <http://www.davidicke.com>. Check it out for yourself. Thanks.

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