Developing the Spiritual Body

Natural devotion includes practitioners meditating on their spiritual selves in relationship to Radha-Krishna in the eternal Braj. The identity we develop depends on our unique eternal nature. In the conditioned state, our spiritual identity remains dormant in a seedlike state. As we progress in devotional practice, that seed begins to germinate and grow in consciousness. As our longing to be with Radha-Krishna in a particular way developes, we meditate on their pastimes and imagine how we might like to relate with them in those experiences and get a feeling for who we are.

Although natural devotion includes delineating eleven items that help define our spiritual identity, I think it best not to rush into doing that artificially. Best to engage in the pastimes with less structure, see what you are naturally attracted to, and gradually build your identity as your realization increases. This is meant to be our eternal identity so we should not be too hasty to accept it only to change it later. Our spiritual body needs a gestation time as we nurture it through devotional practice. With proper care the spiritual seed will sprout, grow, and blosom into the beautiful person we always were.

Yet we need not be overly cautious either. Natural devotion is based on a passionate desire to be with Radha-Krishna, and when our passion is strong enough there will be no holding us back. Guided by that passion and the inner teacher we will know who we are beyond doubt. Always pray for Radha’s grace to help us in this realization.

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