American War Machine by Peter Dale Scott

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American War Machine: Deep Politics, the CIA Global Drug Connection, and the Road to Afghanistan by Peter Dale Scott

This book took my reading from the ancient warfare and politics of the Mahabharata to the current day situation that is affecting all of us regardless of nationality. It provides a thorough history filled with little known facts and normally unasked questions that point to the unseen forces that control our lives. I’ll quote from his “Final Words”:

This has been a book about an imperfectly perceived but pernicious, murderous, ongoing, and often criminal interaction between the forces of covert operations and of drug trafficking–and interaction I have called the gobble drug connection. I have argued that this global drug connection (including whatever ancillary dark forces are working with it) has been a seriously under-recognized factor in America’s deep events, in American politics, and particularly in the wars and other foreign adventures of the U.S.  war machine. As a result of early unauthorized decisions by small groups, using secrecy as a cover and drug traffickers as assets, Americas’s war machine grew to be able to induce preemptive wars repeatedly in Southeast Asia and Afghanistan, was that were deceptively disguised, by deceptive deep events, as responses to enemy provocations. In the case of Afghanistan, it is particularly remarkable that the tragedies of the Laos and Vietnam wars were willingly and consciously prolonged or repeated by later presidents, including President Obama, whom to office promising change. (255)

For more than a century the land and people of America have provided hope and insertion to freedom-seeking peoples elsewhere. That could continue to be the case–but only if a mobilized American public can restore rightful priorities to its broken political system, corrupted by drugs and war. (257)

It confirmed my thinking in more detail and ruthless premeditated disregard for life than I could imagine. It shows what people on the streets are protesting against.  I highly recommend reading this book. I got it at the public library or you can buy it from

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