The Middle Way

While the natural devotional practice of visualizing life in Braj is traditionally used by recluses, Universalist Radha-Krishnaism makes it clear that this is not necessary. A life of contemplative reflection combined with inspired action in the world is preferable. Practioners seek to live holistic lives as stated in the “Essential Teachings:”
6. Practitioners live as spiritual beings on Earth, one with Earth and life. God-dess pervades all. Practitioners embrace a lifestyle of simple living and high thinking. They offer all to God-dess as a living sacrifice of love, are vessels of divine love, and live in accord with eternal spiritual values. Devotees live in the present as fully participating members of local and global society, working for the well-being of all, according to their ability.
7. Practitioners work in coalition with those of like mind to address issues of peace, justice, and the environment. They seek commonalities rather than differences so that love may unite all people as the realm of God-dess manifests on Earth.
I have been quite reclusive the past couple of years, and now I feel it is time to get active again. While my last book was being designed, I began writting the addititional chapters of my new book. Now that book is being designed, and facing the creative dilema of “What next?” I am reinventing myself yet again and looking for ways to work in my local community on issues of global importance.
Living a balanced life not only means things are balanced in a daily routine, but rather there may be extended periods of reflection followed by extended actions that spring out of reflection. There is no one way that works for everyone, and each practitioner needs to find the balance that works for them.
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