May Radha, the ruling Goddess of eternally fresh, sweet love, whose sensuous body of condensed bliss enjoys excellent pastimes in the groves of desire trees along the banks of the Jamuna River, she being excited by the emotions of her intimate girlfriends, and whose loveliness makes streams of nectar flow in the hearts of her devotees, manifest to us always.”

“O mind adore the effulgent form called Radha, who illumines all directions. I gaze upon her divine form, which is more brilliant than millions of lightening flashes and is engrossed in an ongoing celebration of erotic love. Her hair is decorated with jasmine flowers, and her exquisite red dress rivals the rising sun.”

“I praise Radha, the topmost embodiment of splendid divine amorous sports, youthful beauty, gracefulness, and sweetness. She’s the shinning jewel of beautiful women who means everything to Krishna.”     from “The Daily Meditation”

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