Gaur Purnim Reflections 2010

The day started out with a tsunami warning which is part of the reason we live 1,000 feet above sea level. Some of our friends with their coastal homes were evacuated. Our trip to Hilo was cancelled. Thankfully, the tsunami fizzled.

After dinner, Jahnava and I drove down to the Kalapana coast and walked across massive lava flows from the 1980s which wiped out one of the greatest beaches in Hawai’i to an incredible new black sand beach with a blazing full moon glistening in a clear starry sky over the water. Incredible elemental vistas stretching out in front of us. It seemed like we were in a giant full surround theatre watching this awesome spectacle right in front of us and yet somehow removed–we on the land and the waves just there. This mighty ocean which this morning threatened to overflow its borders now kindly stayed within its limits. Young woman lithely running in the moonlit shallows. Fountains of lava shooting into the sky on the mountain behind us and flowing down toward the sea. How much more alive, elemental, and primal can it get. Aloha blessings.

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